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Monday, April 7, 2008

Interview Questions

How u burst the reports? if u r bursted reports is not reached to destination how u identify???When You Import data into catalog You have complex columns names. How do you change the Name of those columns?

First you have to click on column header which you have to change. Then in property pane you will found name option. Then change column name.

How to create measures and Dimensions?

By using the Framework Manager we can create measures and dimensions according to our business needs.

How to pass parameter value into html design page?

(That is YOU Create a html page and use that page in your cognos 8 report header.take my question is how to use parameter value in the html page .)

By writing the JavaScript code in the html item, we can insert the parameter values. Here is the URL to use to call report from java The following URL will work. Please note that prompt names are case sensitive and we need to prefix 'p_' to the defined prompt names. Although this passes the prompt values, it doesn’t suppress the prompt page.

So, in order to achieve that we include an additional expression (&run.prompt=false) http:///cognos8/cgi-bin/cognos.cgi?
Here p_year and p_month are the parameter name for prompt


List report show data in rows and columns versus a cross tab report show data in grids with dimension in rows and columns and measures in cells or in the intersection points.

List Report and Cross tab report both contains rows and columns but difference is list report is a detail report for analysis whereas cross tab report is the intersection of data or summarized data for analysis.


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