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Monday, April 7, 2008

Interview Qustions

What is exact catalog size?

There is no limit for catalog size. It may be 3MB Or 4MB.

Give me some examples for Lifecycle reporting, I mean which lifecycle we will use for reporting?

There is no specific reporting lifecycle. We can generate the reports from data warehouse/data marts or we can generate the reports directly from OLTP systems.What I mean generating reports from OLTP systems is loading data into one system and generating the reports. But this is not recommended. This will depends on the business.

1) Generating reports from the OLAP interface system retrieving the data from the data warehouse to generating forms and reports.

2) They can use Business intelligence project life cycle.


Two levels summary and detail.

Where u can save the Report net documentation in our local system?

Whenever we Install Cognos Server we get it documentation alone otherwise we can store it in Deployment Folder of Cognos

What is model and how to create model and how to test model?

Create a Model In framework Manager and then publish it, make sure that Model meets the requirements, don't overload the model with unwanted query items

Model is nothing but a project. And the project will be created by framework manager in which we can extract the metadata from the various operational sources... we will test the model by using the TOAD

Model contains meta data which is related to business reporting Information. We import this data from the data base. Using this metadata we are creating Packages, Publishing packages, This metadata contains query subjects and namespaces.........

How to crate cubes in transformer ?

Cube can be created by using different data sources. Data sources: iqd, tex file Cube creation by using iqd data sources.
1) These iqd sources are coming from impromptu