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Monday, April 7, 2008

Interview Questions

What are the limitations of cognos reportnet?

In CRN we can't view multi dimensionally,

-we cant' see a report in excel,

-we can't format a report in CRN

Report net does not support drill through and also bursting of reports is no possible in report net. Also it does not support dimensional analysis

What is loop in framework manager ?

Loop is an very dangerous exception in framework manager we can resolve the loop create alias table. loop Display wrong results in the reportnet. A Loop is a Closed Path Circuit....
Avoid loops: using shortcuts.We have ambiguous relationships types:Hierarchical relationships Recursive relationships Multi-valid relationships. To avoid these relationships using shortcuts.

What are the different ways of adding data in Transformer?

In transformer u import metadata from architect or catalog to create a cube. We just import metadata. we don’t add data to it

What are slowly changing dimensions? Why we are used SCD?

Slowly Changing Dimensions are those whose data are not fixed.

SCD types:

SCD type 1: Whose data is not fixed.

Historical data are not saved. Data keeps on changing.-> Current Data

SCD type 2: Whose data is fixed and also save historical data.

SCD type 3: Like SCD type 2 only but save historical data in another table. In one table data will updated and in another table historical data will be there.

Depends what we are going to use a DWH or Database.

What r the names of the reports that u prepared?

List report, Cross tab report, pie charts etcs....
master detail, drill through, cascadingList, Cross tab, Chart, Map report are the basic report of Cognos.

What is the importance of Dimension in the cognos.?

Without Dimension and Fact cannot make a relation between tables it could not be use for joins and retrieve the data as a form of reports in cognos. Dimension is a major subject area through which we can analysis our business.