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Monday, April 7, 2008

Interview Questions

How we check the errors before running the report, Plz let me know the answer?

Before u run a report. U have an option called 'valididate report' in run menu..

Then u can find the errors what u made.

Actually we are migrating one project to ACTUATE business intelligence solution to COGNOS REPORTNET? why the client want to migrate from ACTUATE to COGNOS REPORTNET? What are the special features in COGNOS REPORTNET?

CRN is web based tool. So it will very useful to view the reports very easily. So that they preferred CRN

How you create IQD In ReportNet Framework?

Open framework manager click on any query subject and go Open the properties dialogue box and u can observe the EXTERNALIZE METHOD u change the iqd.

How to pass multiple values from pick list prompt to sub report filter?

#parameter1#. Give this in ur filter where u pass multiple values

What is Stitch Query in Reportnet?

Framework Manager generates a separate query for each 'FACT' table and joins the result set. This is called Stitched query.

I think when there is no join between two tables and we are dragging in 2 cols from 2 diff tables which doesn’t have joins then cognos will automatically build 2 or more select clauses with full outer join stitching in the 2 select clauses this is called stitched query

What is Snapshot ?

A Snapshot is a Permanent Local Copy Of the Report.Snapshot is Static Data Source it is saved with .imr File it is suitable for Disconnected Network....

What is cube size?

2.0 GBIt depends on ur project requirements.

What is log in cognos?

While creating reports or creating models logs have all information till session closed.

What is associated grouping? And how it works in cognos impromptu?

You can associate one or more data items with a grouped data item. An associated data item should have a one-to-one relationship with the grouped data item. For example, Order No. is a grouped data item.

For each order number, there is an Order Date. Order No. and Order Date have a one-to-one relationship.